The abstract submission procedure requires a registration to the website.
This is not the conference registration. The conference registration is now open and requires the payment of the fee.
Each participant can submit a maximum of two abstracts.
The abstract submission will stay open up to 6th November 2017.

For submission click here.


The online template with additional instructions will appear during the submission process.
Here you find the essential guidelines for the abstract preparation.

  • Abstracts are to be written in acceptable standard English. Abstracts must be accurate and in the complete final version (edited for grammar and spelling) before submitting.
  • Abstracts need to be self-contained and self-explanatory, with full results and discussion. Abstracts ending with “results will be shown and discussed during the congress” or anything similar will not be accepted.
  • The abstracts shall include the following headings for individual sections: Abstract Text, References.
  • Abstract length is restricted to 4000 characters.
  • Please indicate your topic preference when submitting.
  • The author can indicate the preferred presentation mode (oral or poster) in the submission form.
  • Submit abstracts using the online form available (no other means of sending will be accepted);
  • The abstract can include a figure or table.